US based Pardon C wins another award

Highlife singer Pardon C has put Nigeria on world spotlight again with his recent win at the 2018 Uollywood Epic International Multimedia Entertainment Industry Awards in Florida. Pardon C won ‘Epic Video’, a category dominated by the Caribbeans.

Pardon C was nominated in four categories; ‘Epic Artiste’, ‘Epic Song’, Epic Video’ and ‘Epic Collaboration’ alongside different African musicians like Mr. Leo, Naomi Achu, just to mention a few and other American and Caribbean acts.

Out of all Nigerians nominated for the award, Pardon C made history with the video of his widely accepted single – ‘Emergency’, as the only Nigerian to walk home with a plaque on February 3.

This new height came after Pardon C dropped his debut single titled ‘Mama’ for year 2018, the song was produced by Cameroonian DJ Mannach, mixed and mastered by Dollar Beats from the Central African country.

Speaking about his recent award, he said; “Honestly, I never thought I was going to win despite the fact that I got four nods. The nominees list was dominated by Caribbeans and other Americans and African musicians I respect so much.

“When I was announced the winner of ‘Epic Video’ category, and the only Nigerian to win an award in this years edition of Uollywood Awards, it came to me as a huge surprise, but I give all the glory to God. This means a lot to me,” the TCO music artiste added.